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Join Ben Hastings, the CEO of PerformYard, as he walks you through the five steps he developed for creating a custom fit performance management strategy. 
Despite three very different approaches, Google, Adobe and Deloitte all designed a unique performance management strategy to be the perfect fit for the needs of their organization. 


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PerformYard makes performance management easy for everyone

We offer flexible features for HR and a simple employee experience.


Features to execute

your unique process

Every organization is unique, that is why we built one of the most flexible solutions in the industry. We embrace your requirements, so you can easily run your entire performance management vision in one place. Reviews, goals & feedback.

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A streamlined and automated experience

Most performance management initiatives fail because they are clunky and inconsistent. PerformYard removes the headaches and unnecessary steps from your process to make participation painless for managers and employees.

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