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PerformYard offers flexible features for HR and a simple employee experience.


Features to execute

your unique process

Every organization is unique, that is why we built one of the most flexible solutions in the industry. We embrace your requirements, so you can easily run your entire performance management vision in one place. Reviews, goals & feedback.

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A streamlined and
automated experience

Most performance management initiatives fail because they are clunky and inconsistent. PerformYard removes the headaches and unnecessary steps from your process to make participation painless for managers and employees.

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Full Performance History in One Place


Performance Reviews

Easily create and manage any review cycle. Online forms, email reminders, and mobile access make the process simple for employees too.


Goal Management

Align individual goals across the organization. Break down top level objectives and track progress as part of the employee performance record.


Continuous Feedback

Recognize achievement and document performance all year long. Encourage a continuous dialog and make performance more than a rating.


See How Real Companies Use PerformYard

Hundreds of diverse customers with unique requirements, all run simply on PerformYard.


Information Technology
Annual Reviews with 90 day checkins

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Bennett Thrasher

Project based 360 reviews

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Colorado Health

Quarterly conversations

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And there is so much more!

   Directory & Org Chart
  Manage Documents
✓  Dedicated Support

  Single Sign-on
  Fast Implementations
✓  Email reminders

✓  Onboarding
✓  Enterprise Security
 Deep Permissioning


Your Performance Management Process is Unique

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