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One platform to streamline and formalize your process for performance reviews, goals, and continuous feedback.

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Product Overview

Your Complete Performance Management Toolkit

Drive high quality performance conversations

  • Employee appraisals
  • 360 reviews
  • Quarterly check-ins
  • Project-based reviews
  • One-on-ones

Align your people around what’s next

  • Collaborative goal setting
  • Goal check-ins
  • Cascading goals
  • Development goals
  • Corporate objectives
  • Progress visualizations

Formalize continuous and relevant feedback

  • Continuous feedback
  • Employee recognition
  • Performance notes
  • Manager feedback
  • Feedback requests

Inform your HR decision making

  • Performance trends
  • 9 box grids
  • Rankings
  • Summary reporting
  • Review form calculations

Listen. Learn.
Take Action.

  • PerformYard Engagement Survey
  • Engagement Factors and Questions
  • Engagement Trends Dashboard
  • Satisfaction Factor Analysis
  • Dynamic Employee Cohorting
User Reviews

Trusted by 2500+ Human Resource Professionals

G2 Crowd
4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Software Advice
4.7 out of 5 stars
Trust Radius
4.5 out of 5 stars
PerformYard makes performance management user-friendly, purposeful, and FUN!
Hannah W.
Great system and even better implementation.
Lucy N.
PerformYard helps me ensure I’m getting completed forms from every employee.
Mike B.
Environmental Serv.
Easy to work with and slick to look at!
Linda K.
IT Services
The setup of forms and templates was much easier than anticipated.
Kathy B.
Financial Services
Awesome way to track goals!
Jan K.
The product itself is great, but it is the customer service that throws it over the top for me.
Devinne C.
Most user-friendly performance review site ever!
Melissa P.
Simple interface and easy to use.
Carl C.
IT Consulting
Very user friendly and easy to navigate.
Amy S.
HR's best friend.
Cassie F.
Goodbye Excel, Hello PerformYard!
Scott L.
Library Network
PerformYard is easy to use and easy to customize.
Jessica A.
Easy to use and lots of hands-on help when we wanted.
Crystal W.
Customer success is excellent to work with.
Angie K.
Home Furnishings
Quite intuitive and easy to follow.
Abhinav S.
We reviewed 12+ systems and PerformYard was the best.
Diane P.
Consulting Services
We integrated goals, performance ratings, and more into one system.
Valerie W.
Saved us so much time.
Carla M.
Packaging Solutions
Customer service has been outstanding.
Kelly M.
Makes employee reviews a breeze.
Rocky P.
The onboarding and customer service is exceptional.
Dawn G.
Smart, lean and seamless solution.
Jason J.
IT Consulting
I love the dashboard that shows me everything I need to know at a quick glance.
Joanne T.
Flexible, easy and intuitive.
Ashley A.
Flexible for Any Process

It’s Easy to Customize PerformYard to Fit Your Needs

Here are some examples of review methods our customers are using. Whether your performance review process is simple, complex or completely unique, we support it.

Talk to our team about creating your unique performance management process.

Cline Family Cellars Drives a New Culture of Growth
Hospitality | 75-150 Employees

Cline Family Cellars Drives a New Culture of Growth

  • Monthly 1 on 1's
  • Annual reviews
  • Goal monitoring
  • Private performance notes
DG3 Goes from Paper Reviews to Streamlined Process
Environmental and Engineering | 75-150 Employees

DG3 Goes from Paper Reviews to Streamlined Process

  • Quarterly check-ins
  • Custom review cycles
  • Qualitative feedback
  • Goal monitoring
Why PerformYard?

Consistently Rated Highest for Customer Satisfaction

Flexible for HR

“All aspects of the program are customizable. Throughout the entire set up process we have not heard 'no we can’t do that' once."

Janet J. | Small Business

Easy for Employees

“PerformYard really helped us create an easy-to-maintain cadence of communication for employee development and performance management.”

Jason J. | IT Consulting

Generous Support Team

“The product itself is great, but it is the customer service that throws it over the top for me.”

Heather C. | Consulting