Make Better People Decisions with Better Performance Data

One place to automatically track performance data and analyze results across time, teams, roles, or any other factor.

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4.8 out of 5 stars
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Track and Analyze Performance

Produce Performance Data

Create summary results within your forms to roll-up competency ratings, performance categories, goal scores, and lots more.

Store Performance Histories

Organize every piece of employee performance history, qualitative and quantitative, to create a holistic view of performance.

Analyze Performance Results

Filter and group your database of performance data to find trends, compare departments, or identify future leaders.

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PerformYard has continually improved its reporting features, and it allows us to visualize the data in a way that's helpful in viewing the entire company's performance by using certain filters.

Camara R.


The system is easy to set up. From the HR side, the reporting works really well to see exactly who is getting what type of feedback on reviews.

Mike H.


The customization and options are limitless. Instead of fitting our style into the PerformYard system. We can design it to work for our needs.

Colleen B.

Machinery Manufacturing

The platform is super clean and easy to use. They have built in a ton of automation, customization, and reporting.

Andrea K.

Financial Services

“PerformYard helps me track progress on forms and ensure I am getting completed forms from every employee across all departments. This was nearly impossible to track before we used PerformYard.”

Mike B.

Environmental Serv.

Visualize Insights From Reviews

Take action on your review data, whether it’s identifying top performers, spotting themes across cycles, or plotting results on 9 box grids.

Connect Performance & People Data

Bring together your performance data with employee data to answer the questions you care about most.

Track Changes Over Time

Maintain a complete history of performance and track progress across review cycles, even as you continue to evolve your process.

Customized to Your Unique Data

Filter and slice your data to answer the questions you care about. You’re never limited to built-in reports or specific questions.