Formalize Your Vision for Reviews and Check-Ins

Build the process that’s right for your organization and bring it to life in a straightforward system.

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Software Advice
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Trust Radius
4.5 out of 5 stars

Flexible for HR. Simple for Employees.

Eliminate Tedious HR Tasks

PerformYard automates reviews, schedules reminders and sends approval notifications.

Keep the Human Element of HR

Software shouldn’t get in the way of meaningful conversations. PerformYard ensures those conversations happen on-time.

Run Your Process Your Way

Import existing review forms or create new forms; software and support make it easy to design any performance management process.

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PerformYard has everything we need to run our performance review process and is very easy to use. It’s enabling our performance program while we grow rapidly, helping us scale effectively.

Eric B.

Renewable Energy

One of our owners told me that PerformYard’s style and design have employees actually being thoughtful about the completion of their reviews and engaged in the process. That's a win!

Jamie G.


It’s so easy to set up a review cycle, send it out, have our employees fill it out, and track who has completed their form and who still needs to finish.

Melissa P.


Since using PerformYard, our employee evaluation and review process has gone from a time-consuming and stressful task to an easy and manageable routine.

Chelsea M.


“PerformYard helps me track progress on forms and ensure I am getting completed forms from every employee across all departments. This was nearly impossible to track before we used PerformYard.”

Mike B.

Environmental Serv.

Customize Review Forms & Cycles

You decide the questions you ask, the timelines you follow, and the touch points you use.

Track Review Completion & Approvals

The live progress dashboard helps managers and HR ensure the timely completion of those important reviews.

Easily Include 360s & External Input

Add self-assessments, feedback from direct reports, and multiple managers to the review cycle. PerformYard also allows people outside your organization to provide feedback on employees.

Analyze & Visualize Review Data

Compare employee performance through a variety of visuals that let HR teams make informed decisions.