Simplify Reviews With 360 Feedback Software

Drive the review process forward with 360 feedback software that’s easy, streamlined and designed for real interaction.

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“We wanted something simple with an easy look and feel, and we wanted a platform that could support ongoing feedback, 360 degree feedback and track goals. PerformYard had it all.

Kathy B. | Vice President. | Financial Services

Streamline Peer Nominations

HR can set up peer reviews, have employees request feedback from peers, have peers offer to give feedback, or have managers define peer feedback relationships. The platform evolves as your strategy does.

Automate Workflow and Notifications

PerformYard manages the 360 degree feedback cycle for you, alerting employees to complete each next step. The software tells employees what to do next, with streamlined workflows to sign off, give feedback and nominate a reviewer

Enjoy Total Flexibility

Choose who sees feedback and if it is anonymous, create multiple stages like peer feedback stages followed by manager feedback stages, and use unique review questions that work for your organization.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is 360-degree feedback software?

360-degree feedback software is a tool that collects performance feedback from an employee's coworkers, managers, and direct reports. It helps provide a complete view of an employee's strengths and areas for improvement.

What are some examples of 360 feedback?

Examples of 360 feedback include coworkers rating teamwork, managers assessing leadership skills, and direct reports giving input on communication. This feedback helps create a complete picture of an employee's performance.

What are the benefits of using 360-degree feedback software?

Using 360-degree feedback software offers several main benefits. It provides a well-rounded view of an employee's performance, highlights strengths and areas for improvement, encourages open communication, and helps with personal and professional development. Concerns about bias are reduced because feedback comes from multiple sources.

What's the difference between a performance review and 360-degree feedback?

The difference between a performance review and 360-degree feedback is that a performance review is typically done by a manager, while 360-degree feedback includes input from coworkers, managers, and direct reports.

What makes PerformYard’s 360 feedback software better than competitors?

PerformYard’s 360 feedback software is better than competitors because it simplifies the review process with an easy-to-use, interactive platform. It automates workflows, supports ongoing feedback and goal tracking, and offers total flexibility with customizable stages and anonymous feedback options. Plus, you get free access to our unlimited human customer support.

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