Build Your Culture With Continuous Feedback Software

Continuous feedback software that helps you document achievement, detail team performance and keep private notes year-round.

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Stay Focused on Performance

Engage Your People

Create systems of continuous feedback to help your people achieve their professional development goals.

Give Real-Time Feedback

Connect your review cycles to day-to-day performance. Frequent feedback helps your people take action on performance conversations.

Eliminate Surprises

Build a summarized record of employee performance throughout the year that managers can discuss at review time.

PerformYard helps us provide greater feedback for colleagues and better management and structure of the annual review cycle. The platform encourages giving feedback on an ad-hoc basis.

Lucy N.


PerformYard completely revamped our performance management process, and staff love the Recognition feature - it is so easy to give a colleague a shout-out!

Megan M.

International Trade

PerformYard is helping our teams have immediate communications and feedback related to performance and goals. We’ve taken a paper-based process and totally automated it.

Tatum S.


PerformYard is super easy to use. The fact that it is completely customizable to what we want makes it very appealing. Our team raves about PerformYard’s simplicity and ease of use.

Renee R.

Chemical Manufacturing

Recognize Outstanding Performance

Public feedback appears within PerformYard or in integrated apps like Slack, so your team can celebrate achievements together.

Provide Timely 1:1 Feedback

PerformYard makes it easy for teams to provide feedback in the moment, so employees get actionable notes right away.

Request Feedback From Peers

Encourage more frequent and more diverse feedback with feedback requests.

Store Performance Notes

When it comes time for performance reviews, managers and employees can view feedback notes from the previous year to write informed reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is continuous feedback software?

Continuous feedback software is a tool that helps employees and managers share real-time feedback with each other. It supports regular communication, goal tracking, and performance improvement, making it easier for everyone to stay aligned and motivated in their work.

How do you create a continuous feedback loop?

To create a continuous feedback loop, encourage regular check-ins between managers and employees, use feedback tools or apps, set clear goals, and promptly provide constructive feedback. This helps improve communication and performance, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

How does continuous feedback fit into PeformYard’s performance management system?

Continuous feedback is a feature included in PerformYard's performance management software that allows you to provide an engaging, user-friendly experience for your team. You can document achievements, track team performance, and keep notes year-round, so you can ensure employees get timely, actionable insights and eliminate surprises during annual reviews.

What types of feedback can be collected and tracked?

You can collect and track several types of feedback, including real-time feedback, peer feedback, and performance notes. This helps maintain a comprehensive record of performance, achievements, and notes, improving reviews and employee growth.

Can PerformYard integrate with our existing HR systems?

Yes, PerformYard seamlessly connects with your current HR tools and systems. This includes HRIS for real-time employee data updates, SSO for easy, one-click login, and Slack or Teams for employee recognition. Explore our complete list of integrations here.

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