Customize Review Forms & Processes

Customize reviews to meet your needs, from the questions you ask to the timelines you follow. Choose from a variety of question types to get the answers you and your staff want - even include up-to-date goal performance in your reviews.


Easily Deploy & Track Progress

Launch review cycles at the time of your choosing and easily monitor who has done what to ensure timely completion of those important reviews.

Access a live progress dashboard giving managers and HR staff the information needed to ensure high participation rates.



Include 360s & External Input

Incorporate inputs from people across the organization. Customers can include self assessments, feedback from direct reports, and multiple managers or executives in the process.  PerformYard also allows inputs on employee performance from anyone outside your organization at no additional cost.


Analyze & Visualize Results

Dive into the results of your review processes, comparing employee performance through a variety of visuals and exports that enable the analysis that HR teams need. PerformYard reporting allows for simple calibration analysis so that top performers are identified and rewarded.



Take the first step to streamline and formalize your performance reviews