Customer Success

Account setup, live training sessions, a dedicated success manager, and phone support are always included for every PerformYard customer. You will never be on your own with PerformYard.


We Believe in Amazing Support


Performance management touches every person in your organization, and we know that means the stakes are high. As a PerformYard customer you will collaborate with a dedicated and experienced Success Manager so that you don't have to go it alone. Before launching your first review or checkin cycle you will be confident that every last detail is in place for things to go flawlessly. We believe support matters and we're dedicated to providing the best support in the industry.


What To Expect


Dedicated Success Manager

Support at PerformYard means calling the person who implemented with you. No logging cases or waiting for replies, just quick answers from someone who knows you. 


Proactive Outreach

We are here for you, and we are also fully invested in your success. You can expect us to push forward a perfect implementation and periodically check in on you.


1-to-1 Relationship

You have a vision for performance management and we have the tools and team to make it a reality. We'll work closely with you to collaborate and help drive success. 


Live Employee Training

We'll prepare employee training sessions that are designed just for your organization. A successful implementation needs buy-in from employees, so we support them too.


Experienced Knowledge

We have seen hundreds of performance management programs, and we see new ones everyday. If you'd like advice on what works, we're happy to share an informed opinion.

Custom Implementation

Every performance management strategy is unique, and we've built a solution to accommodate that. We'll calibrate PerformYard to be the perfect fit for your organization.


Our Customers Appreciate The Support

Emily at Petplan Pet Insurance

"I like that we have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is always available for my plethora of questions."

Justin at ACT Security

"My Customer Success Manager was outstanding, very responsive and helped customize our rollout to accommodate a quick implementation."

Valerie at SERA Architects 

"I really enjoyed the customer support that we had while getting set up with PerformYard. If we had any questions, they were quick to help us out. They gave us exceptional training on the platform."

Tavi at R&A CPAs

"The success of our implementation was due to the ease of use and level of support. Lauren was there every step of the way and was a great teacher. She allowed us as much time as possible to learn and provided specific step by step tools for us to review."

Sheetal at Observer Media Group

"We were looking for a performance management system to go live in about 2 weeks time. PerformYard made it happen. They 'held our hand' every step of the way and were there for any questions and responded very quickly via email or phone."


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