Out-of-the-Box Employee Engagement Software

Employee engagement software that helps you fine-tune your organization with anonymous engagement surveys and visual data to build a strong culture of energized, productive employees.

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Listen, Learn, and
Take Action

Understand Employee Needs

Track employee sentiment with the anonymous PerformYard Engagement Survey featuring the seven factors most closely tied to performance. 

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Monitor employee sentiment in a visual dashboard that lets you track changes over time and see responses broken down by employee cohort.

Identify Issues and Improve

Drill down into anonymous responses from different employee groups and identify the steps your organization needs to take to improve specific engagement factors. 

“PerformYard really helped us create an easy-to-maintain cadence of communication for employee development and performance.”

Jason J.

IT Consulting

PerformYard helps us provide greater feedback for colleagues and better management and structure of the performance cycle. The platform really encourages feedback.

Lucy N.


PerformYard has allowed our process to become streamlined and more efficient. This has helped HR stay organized and it has created a better experience for our employees.

Tamara R.


PerformYard is helping our teams have immediate communications and feedback related to performance and goals. We’ve taken a paper-based process and totally automated it.

Tatum S.


The PerformYard Engagement Survey

PerformYard is ready to go from day one, with our built-in questions across the seven factors most correlated with engagement, all backed by extensive behavioral science studies and experience with 2500+ HR professionals.

Data Analysis Dashboard

Quick visual insights into the trends and factors that make up your company’s overall engagement score. See how one factor may be dragging your score down so you can quickly address any underlying issues.  

Employee Cohort Analysis

Quickly see how each employee cohort responds to different engagement factors. Drill down into the cohort scores to see how the answers change over time and how cohorts feel about each factor.

Actionable Data

Spot trends in satisfaction among employees in different departments, teams, and any other filtering category to find the data that will drive change in your organization.

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