Streamline Your IT Performance Management Process

Enhance performance reviews, promote skill development, and drive IT excellence with PerformYard.

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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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“From an administrative point of view PerformYard is great. With it, our organization is doing much better at having good performance conversations and setting growth objectives.

Lizanne D. | Head of People Operations | IT Services

Flexibility in Reviews 

Create flexible, concurrent review processes that bring goal completion and core competencies into review forms. Align the review cycle with project completion to eliminate the lag between performance and feedback.

Easy Integrations

Streamline your workflow by integrating with your HRIS and messaging tools like Slack and Teams. Login using your SSO for simplicity and security. 

Performance Management for IT SERVICES

Performance Management Built for Your IT Business.

PerformYard lets your IT services business run concurrent review cycles including project-based reviews, 360 reviews, and self-evaluations.

You can streamline these evaluations through our single-sign-on model, allowing associates to complete reviews and update goal-setting without adding new log-ins. After each review, analyze data by department and timeline to identify new leaders and opportunities for growth.