Drive Results With Goal Check-In Software

Keep your people on track and achieve milestones together. Drive goal alignment, progress tracking and regular check-ins with PerformYard’s goal check-in software.

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“I love the ability for employees and managers to collaborate on goal setting and update it throughout the year. PerformYard is a great repository for all things performance management related."

Beth P. | Director of HR | Environmental Services

Streamlined Goal Tracking

PerformYard provides a centralized, easy-to-use platform for tracking goals; saving time and eliminating complex spreadsheets and email threads.

Goals and Reviews Together

Employees and managers can provide goal updates, share progress, and exchange feedback within performance review forms.

Customization and Alignment

Tailor goal templates, KPIs and milestones to reflect individual, departmental or organizational objectives.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is goal check-in software?

Goal check-in software helps employees and managers regularly track and update progress on work goals. It provides tools for setting objectives, sharing feedback, and monitoring achievements to ensure everyone stays on track and meets their targets.

Can the software provide reminders for upcoming goal deadlines?

Yes, goal check-in software can provide reminders for upcoming goal deadlines. It sends notifications to keep employees and managers informed about important dates, ensuring everyone stays on track to meet their goals on time.

How does the software help visualize goal progress over time?

Goal check-in software helps visualize goal progress over time primarily through charts and graphs. It displays milestones achieved, tasks completed, and deadlines met, giving a clear picture of how goals are advancing and helping teams stay motivated and focused.

What features does PerformYard offer to support collaboration on shared goals?

PerformYard’s goal check-in software often offers features like shared goal tracking, task assignments, and real-time updates. It allows team members to collaborate, share progress, and provide feedback, ensuring everyone works together toward achieving common objectives.

What options are available for customizing the goal-setting process within PerformYard?

PerformYard provides options to customize goal-setting by allowing users to define objectives, set deadlines, and choose metrics for measurement. It also offers flexibility in adjusting goals as priorities change, ensuring alignment with individual and organizational targets.

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