Easy, Intuitive Goal Management Software

Track and align individual, team, and company-wide goals within an easy-to-use goal management software.

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Goals and Performance Reviews, Together at Last

Align Your People

Get your whole organization moving in the same direction with cascading goals.

Check In Frequently

Bring goals into your review cycles to update progress and close the loop on performance.

Formalize Development

Build your culture to promote personal growth with development goal cycles.

PerformYard’s goal setting is integral for our organization as we move towards vision setting and more long-term goals for individual departments and people.

Diana C.


I love the ability for both employees and managers to be able to collaborate on goal setting and update goals throughout the year. PerformYard has helped us establish quarterly goal check-ins and enhance our mid-year review process.

Beth P.

Environmental Serv.

PerformYard has allowed our goal-setting and review process to become streamlined and more efficient. This has helped HR stay organized and it has created a better experience for our employees.

Tamara R.


In PerformYard, we can make performance and goal achievement streamlined, interactive, and rewarding. Plus, there are points of documentation along the way that create the paper trail performance management needs.

Hannah W.


Cascade Goal Setting

Create strong alignment by setting goals from the top down. See how employee goals affect team goals and company-wide goals in real-time.

Track Individual Progress

Every manager can watch how goals are progressing or check-in on goals throughout the year.

Get Clear Visualizations

Quickly produce charts and graphs that show goal progression for individuals, teams and departments.

Connect Goals With Reviews

At review time managers can bring goal progress right into performance review forms for comment or scoring.

Get a Demo of Goal Management
Quickly see PerformYard Goal Management in action and get your questions answered by our product experts.