Streamline Your Accounting
Performance Management

Formalize performance evaluations, enhance team collaboration, and maximize your accounting firm productivity with one easy tool.

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Performance Management for Accounting Firms

1. Create your process

Our expert customer success team can help you implement your existing forms or create a new process from scratch.

2. Integrate your tools

PerformYard populates employee data from your HRIS so you immediately have all the information you need.

3. Align your company

Cascade goals from the organization down to the individual and start tracking objectives alongside reviews.

“With PerformYard, people have a lot less anxiety going into review meetings and are generally happier coming out. We've come a long way with our performance management process.

Adam H. | Director of Talent Mgmt. | Accounting

Streamlined for a
Time-Sensitive Industry

Tracking and reviewing accountant performance reviews manually takes up HR time. PerformYard’s streamlined, flexible system helps you keep the performance management process moving.

Eliminates Tedious HR Tasks

PerformYard handles the administrative work of notifying employees about reviews, hand-offs, and sign-offs. No more chasing down employees and managers to finish their performance reviews.

Flexible to Fit Your Accounting Cycles

PerformYard’s rich feature set gives you the flexibility to manage reviews and goals within the monthly and quarterly accountancy cycle. Combine 360-degree reviews, downward feedback, self-evaluations, and even client feedback.

Performance Management for Accounting Firms

Build Your Unique Process

PerformYard addresses the unique needs of any accounting organization.

The platform streamlines goal-setting and employee reviews for public accounting firms that provide external audit, tax, and advisory services. PerformYard also aligns organizational goals and provides real-time feedback tools for in-house accounting teams.

PerformYard boosts accountability for government accounting entities that deal with public funds. It can also set performance metrics, track progress and ensure transparency for non-profit accounting entities that have to ensure the effective use of funds.