First, Take Back Your Company's Time

At PerformYard, we serve mid-size organizations (50-500) that are tired of their homegrown performance review system. Their old process is often a combination of paper forms, clunky excel docs, and maybe an under-supported feature from their payroll provider.

Before our customers come onboard, their performance reviews are:


With weeks of HR’s time and many hours of manager's time spent facilitating the movement of forms and tracking down the right information.


With outdated ideas and cumbersome busy work that makes managers and employees frustrated and uncomfortable.


With no system for efficiently collecting and managing the data, performance reviews are a huge initiative every year that has little to show for itself.

The question of what to do about this problem is often complicated by discussions of recent HR research and ideas from TED Talks, but the answer is actually very simple.

The first step to fixing performance reviews? Stop spending so much time on them.

Even if your ultimate goal is to create a world class and innovative performance management strategy, you have to start by being more efficient with your existing review process. That's why so many mid-size companies love PerformYard. There are two things that break a review process: more employees and more complexity. When your review process is breaking and your company keeps growing, the answer is definitely not to implement a bigger and more complex review strategy from the latest issue of Harvard Business Review.

PerformYard first and foremost streamlines any review process you want to run. By design, we do not force anything on our customers. If you want to do annual manager reviews or are going to try weekly 360 reviews, it can all be very simply managed in PerformYard. Give our customer success team your forms, timelines, and employee hierarchy and in a few days, your manual and time consuming review process will be digital and running on its own.

An efficient review process unlocks a tremendous amount of time for our customers and gives them the flexibility to improve their performance management strategy, however they see fit in the future. To see PerformYard in action and get an estimate of just how much you should be saving, let’s have a five-minute conversation right now - (888) 745-0761.