The Perk of Modern Performance Management

The Perks People Want

The landscape of perks is shifting. Today’s HR leaders do more than add a list of perks to their offer letters, they design employee experiences.

This new world is bringing together compensation, benefits, perks, culture, role design, style of work and much more to create a comprehensive package that is more closely aligned with the priorities of people today.

That’s because people are less swayed by all the extras adjacent to their work; office spaces, catering, on-site massage, etc, and more focused on the experience of the work itself; personal growth, strong working relationships, impact on their organization and the world.

It’s not uncommon to hear a parent or grandparent say something like, “I can’t believe she left Fooble, the benefits were amazing! and to join a 5 person non-profit!?!”

Today’s best jobs offer people a meaningful and fulfilling professional life with the flexibility to also pursue a fulfilling personal life.

So then how can HR deliver professional fulfillment and better compete for top talent?

What is Professional Fulfillment

Professional fulfillment is a vibe, and no one passes the vibe check better than WeWork. Yes they’ve got their issues, but their slogans speak to the modern workforce better than anyone else. 

WeWork offices are plastered with neon signs like, “Do what you love,” “Make a life, not just a living,” “Can’t believe this is my job,” “The future is yours to create,” “Pursuing my life’s work,” “Don’t just exist.” 

What WeWork has identified in people is a desire to do what they’re good at, and passionate about. A desire to pursue work that has meaning and impact. A desire for strong professional relationships. A desire to grow and try new things. A desire to be seen and recognized.

It can be tempting to write off these ideas and think they’re reserved for people who start a YouTube channel, or quit the corporate grind to found a dog rescue, but this is the new expectation for more and more people at more and more jobs.

Despite the loftiness of “professional fulfillment” it is easier to support than you might think.

The Performance Management Perk

Helping your people find professional fulfillment at your organization starts with good communication.

People who have clarity on what success looks like, can see the impact of their work, understand their trajectory, and feel heard by their manager are far more likely to feel fulfilled at work.

Enter modern performance management.

Performance management has evolved from a compliance exercise to a foundational part of the employee experience. HR and leadership are becoming increasingly involved in ensuring employees get what they need from their managers. 

While traditional performance management was focused on ratings and rankings, today’s processes are as much focused on inspiring quality performance discussions, increasing the frequency of feedback, driving alignment and uncovering opportunities for development.

All of this comes from prioritizing and making time for conversations when an organization adopts modern performance management practices. It’s not enough to tell managers that this matters. Today organizations direct these activities from the top to ensure the best employee experience for everyone.

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