Bennett Thrasher's HR team implemented PerformYard in just 3 weeks start to finish with the help of their dedicated customer success manager Jon. 


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Bennett Thrasher Case Study

The Challenge

Jon was extremely helpful; he made sure all our forms were uploaded, our review cycles were set up correctly, and he even set up tests cycles for us to feel comfortable with the using the software.
— Makayla Greathouse, HR Generalist at Bennett Thrasher

Bennett Thrasher, located in Atlanta, is a full service CPA firm with over 250 professionals. Makayla Greathouse joined the firm as an HR Generalist in early 2015. One of her first projects was the selection and implementation of a new performance management system that could accommodate Bennett Thrasher’s growth.

Makayla said of her first priority for the new system, “it was important for us to keep our current performance review process.” Bennett Thrasher does project-based reviews with self-evaluations, downward reviews, and anonymous upward reviews. The team at Bennett Thrasher believed in their performance management strategy and it was important that they continued to drive the strategy even after dedicated software was in place. They did not want software that was going to force them to compromise their performance review process.

Another priority was simplicity. “We were completing performance reviews in Excel forms, it was very tedious and time consuming. We needed  a streamlined process that would be less hands on as we continued to grow.”

Bennett Thrasher’s professionals run the gamut from seasoned subject matter experts to recent graduates and the new solution needed to be accessible and easy for everyone.

Finally, it was important they choose a solution with excellent customer support. Every employee, from the most senior partner to the recent college graduate would be interacting with the new platform and the impact of something going poorly could be enormous. Implementation needed to go flawlessly and human support had to be available to quickly fix any issue.

The Solution

After an extensive search the team at Bennett Thrasher decided on PerformYard for their new performance management system. The flexible forms and templates allowed Bennett Thrasher to keep their existing review process and gave them the freedom to change in the future. The software is made up of an endlessly customizable combinations of forms, review cycles and employee relationships that can come together to create or replicate any performance management strategy.

Another reason for choosing PerformYard was the simplicity. Most employees at Bennett Thrasher only interact with performance reviews a few times a year. Therefore it is important that the experience be familiar and intuitive. Email reminders, simple interfaces and familiar forms allow everyone on the team to quickly submit reviews even if they haven’t logged-in to the platform in months. Makayla felt that,

both millennials and baby boomers are able to easily navigate the platform.

Finally, the HR team and partners chose PerformYard for the hands on support from a customer success manager. Implementation at Bennett Thrasher went quickly and easily. Makayla kicked things off by describing the existing review process to Jon at PerformYard. Jon then worked to recreate the process within PerformYard and build a custom system that replicated Bennett Thrasher’s existing process. Everything was set up and the employees were trained in three short weeks. Makayla said, “Jon was extremely helpful; he made sure all our forms were uploaded, our review cycles were set up correctly, and he even set up tests cycles for us to feel comfortable with the using the software.”

After the implementation PerformYard continued to support the team at Bennett Thrasher, “Jon was always available when we had questions.”

Makayla and the rest of the 3 person HR team at Bennett Thrasher launched PerformYard quickly and with minimal risk. Now the system saves time and headaches for not only HR, but every employee at the firm.