PerformYard removed the administrative burden of performance reviews and helped Nancy increase the completion rate to 99%.

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FlightStats Case Study

The Challenge

We were able to build our own forms, process, timing, everything. It was very important for us to be able to utilize what we had done in the past that was working, our employees trusted, and aligned with our culture.
— Nancy Martell, HR Director at FlightStats

FlightStats, Inc., founded in 2001, is an information technology company delivering global fight data services and applications to the travel industry. Nancy Martell, HR Director, joined the company in 2012 to help build and develop the HR processes needed to drive corporate growth. Nancy put together a useful but rudimentary performance management process that relied on distributing and collecting numerous Word documents, constantly sending reminder emails to staff, and then consolidating results by hand. As the company grew larger, Nancy’s home-spun performance management process grew tremendously cumbersome and difficult to manage; FlightStats wanted its employees to receive consistent performance feedback from managers and peers.

FlightStats needed a web-based technology solution that would allow full customization of review forms and timing while automating administrative tasks such as results collection and reminder notifications. Nancy carefully reviewed several software solutions and ultimately found that PerformYard was best to suit their needs. Its flexibility would allow Nancy to build upon the best of her existing process while getting the support she needed to be successful.

The Solution

Their implementation of PerformYard was painless and straightforward; following the kickoff call, Nancy sent the employee data to PerformYard’s designated Customer Success Manager who had employee profiles created within a day. Then PerformYard worked with Nancy to understand the existing FlightStats review process, together translating it into PerformYard.

Though Nancy admitted, “I’m not the most tech savvy person on the planet,” she quickly became comfortable navigating the platform and was eager to launch the system to the organization.

PerformYard’s user-friendly interface allowed FlightStats employees to easily log in and complete the review process. After PerformYard staff conducted a manager training, Nancy sent out an email introducing employees to the platform. Employees got started right away completing self-evaluations, peer feedback, and manager review forms.

The automated notification system was great; we had a 99% review completion rate, and I didn’t have to chase people down!

Nancy saw great success with the first review cycle - the automated notification system relieved Nancy of the cumbersome task of follow-up, and she was ecstatic to hear positive employee feedback on the improvement of the review process as “staff actually enjoyed using the system!” FlightStats employees had confidence in the security of the data and system reliability, “we’re an office of over forty software engineers; if people felt the system was flakey and it wasn’t working properly our new review process would have bombed.” Nancy also got the consolidated results she needed to support the FlightStats executive team’s use of performance data in their planning and decision-making processes.