Simple, Transparent, And Affordable Pricing

Every feature is included in one low price and every customer gets a dedicated customer success manager for implementation, training and support at no additional cost.

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employee per month
All our software features including...
Performance Reviews
Goal Management
Continuous Feedback
360s and Peer Evaluations
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Google/Office365/Okta/OneLogin SSO
Phone/Email/Knowledge Base


Customized to your business needs:
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All professional features plus...
Senior Customer Success Manager
Enhanced On-boarding and Training
Custom Implementation
Data Integrations
Custom Single Sign On (SAML)
Custom Service Level Agreement
Additional document storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Will PerformYard work with our process? (click)

PerformYard is one of the most flexible solutions available, we built it to accommodate hundreds of different performance management processes. To confirm PerformYard will work for your organization, we'll spend the first 5 minutes of your demo learning about your process and confirming if we can handle it. To get started schedule your demo.

How does support differ between the two plans?

Every PerformYard customer gets human support by phone, zoom, email or however else you'd like to connect with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. We'll also  provide live training sessions for your employees. For custom integrations and specialized requests we can work with you on the Enterprise Tier.

How much will it cost for ___ employees?

Pricing is $4-8 per seat per month depending on how many seats you use. Smaller organizations can expect to pay closer to $8 and larger organizations closer to $4. To get an exact number, submit a price quote request, and we'll get you a quote today.

Are there any additional fees?

No, we like to keep things simple. Every feature is included in one low price, and every customer gets a dedicated customer success manager for implementation, training and support at no additional cost.

Are all features included in the price?

Yes, all of our features are available under a single package. We don't sell add-on modules, or block you from using parts of our software.

How do I get started with PerformYard?

The first step is a product demonstration with our team. We'll learn about your process, or the process you are creating and confirm if PerformYard is a fit. From there you'll have the opportunity to use the software in a trial account. If you decide we're the right choice, our customer success team will work with you to upload your employees and build your cycles into PerformYard. Click here to get started with a demo.

What is a PerformYard demo call like?

PerformYard demos start with a 5 minute discussion of your performance management process. Then we show you what it would be like to both manage and participate in that process. We'll spend 95% of the call sharing our screen and giving you a live look at the software. No slide decks, qualifying calls, or other time wasting, just a personal guided tour of how PerformYard might be useful for your organization. Fill out our demo form here, and we'll send you an email in the next 60 seconds with a link you can use to schedule the call.

Can I try the software before buying?

We offer trial accounts so you can experience the software for yourself. The account comes preloaded with employees and cycles so you can start using the system immediately. Someone on our team can help you setup the trial account on your first demo call.

I need more answers, what should I do next?

The fastest way to get answers is to give us a call, we're at (888) 745-0761. You can also schedule a conversation with us by submitting our demo form, you'll receive an email in the next 60 seconds with a calendar of available times. Lastly you can also submit your question through our contact us page, and we'll send you a response via email.