Jesse saw an obvious ROI from automated their time-consuming paper-process with PerformYard.

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Crown Consulting Case Study

The Challenge

I did some quick calculations on how much time it would take us to go through a review, how much we paid people and it was really a no-brainer for us.
— Jesse Nichols, HR Manager at Crown Consulting

Crown Consulting is a management consulting firm specializing in analytics, information solutions, and engineering services. Founded in 1989, they work with clients like the FAA, NASA and the Department of Energy. The firm currently employs 175 people, many working onsite with clients across the United States. Jesse Nichols is the HR Manager at Crown and has a diverse set of responsibilities including compliance, recruiting, onboarding, benefits renewal, and performance review management.

Jesse and Crown were facing a common challenge. Their paper-process was time-consuming, difficult to manage, and ultimately costing the firm money. The problem was exacerbated by the fact that Crown has consultants working all across the country and that meant paper forms needed to be shipped to their recipients.

Additionally Jesse also was faced with a large amount of paper wrangling in order to onboard new employees. He knew that Crown needed a modern system that would allow him to be more efficient with both his time and the time of all the firm’s employees.

The Solution

After exploring their options Jesse and Crown chose PerformYard for their performance management system. For Jesse the new features and digital interface made his job more efficient, but it was also an easy sell to the CFO because, as Jesse said, “I did some quick calculations on how much time it would take us to go through a review, how much we paid people and it was really a no-brainer for us.”

There was an obvious ROI when the whole staff spent less time on reviews. This was particularly easy to see at Crown because time spent on reviews went to overhead and were not billable hours, but the same can be said for any type of business.

The PerformYard system was set up in just two weeks. Jesse said,

we provided some PDF copies of our old performance review forms and the Customer Success team built out all our digital forms from those questions.

Then the team at PerformYard ran several webinars for Crown employees to explain the new system and walk through the simple steps to complete and sign off on reviews digitally.

A bonus was that Jesse now uses PerformYard’s workflows and document management to onboard new employees more efficiently and professionally. “It makes us look more professional when we have a system in place to have somebody on-board, and I’m not sending them a paper packet.”

Jesse and Crown Consulting were able to recognize that their inefficient performance management system had a real cost. When they chose to move their process onto PerformYard they were able to do so quickly and immediately receive the benefits of a more modern and efficient process.