PerformYard was launched as a result of its cofounders' experience working together and leading teams. They learned that new ways of doing business required new ways of managing and engaging employees. It became clear that what it means to be successful had evolved but the tools and management philosophy needed to facilitate this shift had not. PerformYard changes the game by driving an inclusive performance engine.


Ben Hastings

CEO & Co-Founder

Ben Hastings is a two time entrepreneur and software executive with over a decade of success working at high growth companies and startups. He has developed and implemented the marketing, sales, and product strategies at numerous consulting and software firms in Washington DC. His determination and leadership is what made him a success at companies like Get Grow, Decision Lens, MicroStrategy, and Touchstone Consulting. Ben would like to have hobbies outside of work but currently has four little kids six years apart. His specialty is being a human jungle gym.


Jon Malpass

Co-Founder & VP Product/Customer Success

Jon Malpass leads PerformYard’s efforts to ensure that our clients achieve successful results using our performance management platform. Jon knows what it takes to shape and deliver transformative solutions for clients; he did just that at software companies Decision Lens and Métier and consulting organizations Get Grow and BearingPoint. Jon is also an avid world traveler; when he's not working or hopping the globe he enjoys cycling and collecting wine.