5 Types of OD Interventions for Your Organization

Want to improve your organization?

An OD intervention is a great way to do it.

The trouble is, an OD intervention isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. There are many types of OD interventions, and many reasons to conduct one.

So, which one is right for you?

Before we get into OD intervention types and techniques, let’s talk about exactly what they are and why they are important.

What is an OD intervention?

An OD intervention includes a process that changes the operations of an organization. The goals can include:

  • Improving communications
  • Working on employee development
  • Developing better products or services
  • Increasing profits
  • ...Or anything else that will help the company be more competitive.

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Importance of OD interventions 

OD interventions can improve your business at the individual, group, and organizational levels. When you identify the right intervention, you can drive growth and success. You can keep up with technology, consumer preferences, and cultural needs. This will enable your organization to experience more success.

5 Types of OD Interventions

OD interventions improve your organization in key areas, depending on the needs of your business.

OD intervention types include:

  • Diagnostic interventions
  • Team interventions
  • Structural interventions
  • Techno-structural interventions
  • Human resource interventions
  • Diagnostic interventions 

An OD intervention starts with a diagnostic intervention. It involves collecting data points and information about your organization through. This is done through things like a SWOT analysis, operations records, surveys, feedback, and more. Every process should help to diagnose organizational issues. Once you identify a problem area you can move forward with a more specific intervention.

Team interventions 

An OD team intervention can support teams and groups in your organization to become more effective. You might try team-building activities, new conflict-resolution techniques, and leadership development programs.

The type of intervention you choose should depend on the specific needs of your organization. For example, teams that have trouble working together may find benefits in conflict resolution. Driven teams may find benefits in leadership development programs.

Structural interventions 

Structural interventions aim for the actual structure of your organization. You might redesign job descriptions and shuffle responsibilities to ensure the right people are on task. Or, you might improve a certain process to optimize workflow between employees.

Techno-structural interventions 

Technology is changing all the time. That’s why many organizations conduct techno-structural interventions. You might use a new technology or try automating certain tasks to make your team more efficient. You might tackle workflow optimization with administrative tasks that drive organizational change.

Human resource interventions 

Human resource interventions can help make sure your employees are at the top of their game, and they can make it easier to provide support if they aren’t.

You can use a program like PerformYard to enhance performance management and streamline the review process.

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You could also create talent development initiatives that encourage employees to stick around. These will simultaneously entice top talent to your organization.

5 OD Intervention Techniques

You might know what kind of OD intervention you need to tackle, but you also have to know how to tackle it.

OD intervention techniques you can choose from include:

  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Process consultation
  • Team development interventions
  • Large group interventions
  • Coaching and mentoring

Appreciative inquiry 

Appreciative inquiry is a positive approach to an OD intervention. Instead of fixing what's wrong this form of inquiry focuses on the discovery of potential improvements. It aims to uncover existing strengths and positive aspects of an organization so they can lean into them to foster change.

Process consultation

A process consultation involves working with stakeholders to analyze and improve targeted processes. It aims to improve things that impact the whole team, like communication and leadership. It can uncover problems that group members aren't necessarily aware of. Those things could be keeping the group from reaching their goals.

Team development interventions 

Team development interventions are all about enhancing collaboration among a small group. It can include:

  • Training on giving and receiving feedback
  • Skill-based workshops to enhance skills
  • Giving team members time to grab coffee together a few times a week to build trust. 

Asking for direct feedback from members of the team can ensure your development intervention is successful.

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Large group interventions 

Large group interventions can be successful when you need organizational change. They are a great option if you want better company-wide alignment and you want to engage employees and teams across the organization. You can use technology to include everyone in the process, or you can organize a large group event to tackle an intervention with a larger group.

Coaching and mentoring 

Many of the other intervention techniques on this list focus on groups of various sizes. Coaching and mentoring are all about providing individualized support and guidance. You might partner a new employee with a more experienced member of their department. Supervisors may use a system of check-ins to build a coaching relationship with their employees.

The Importance of OD Interventions

The importance of OD interventions includes benefits like:

  • Enhancing organizational performance
  • Facilitating change management
  • Improving employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning
  • Promoting innovation and adaptability

Enhancing organizational performance 

OD interventions have the potential to improve productivity. They can also increase efficiency, and boost performance. They’re especially effective if you focus on a team development intervention, coaching, or mentoring. You’re able to work with employees to directly impact their performance at work. This ultimately affects the performance of your entire organization.

Facilitating change management 

In an ever-changing world, OD interventions have the potential to help your business navigate and adapt to those changes. They help you keep up with the latest customer service demands and integrate new technologies. They help you release a new product, or even merge with another company. All these processes go more smoothly with an OD intervention.

Improving employee satisfaction and engagement 

Improving employee satisfaction and engagement can increase productivity and decrease turnover. With an OD intervention, you can focus on fostering a positive work environment. You can create opportunities to socialize or create a review system that encourages employee feedback. These changes will make everyone feel more comfortable and motivated at work.

Fostering a culture of continuous learning 

Creating a system to provide meaningful feedback helps you foster a culture of continuous learning. Employees like to learn for their benefit, but a culture of continuous learning encourages teams to learn new skills.

Promoting innovation and adaptability 

OD interventions can promote innovation and encourage creativity. These things can contribute to organizational agility. You can encourage employee risk-taking through a supportive performance management process. You can also give employees more time to do something creative or create new teams to help foster innovation.

The Role of Performance Management Software in OD Interventions

They seem different, but performance management software and OD interventions go hand-in-hand.

PerformYard lets you set and track both individual and organizational goals. Insightful data analytics allow you to follow along with how well you and your employees are meeting goals. With this information, you can use an OD intervention to help everyone achieve those goals.

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