Performance Management Training for Managers | 7 Best Courses

An effective performance management system can transform your company. It has the potential to increase self-motivation and decrease employee turnover. Performance management systems can also help you create a goal-oriented business. It can only do that if the right people know how to create and maintain that system.

That’s where performance management training for managers comes in.

Your team can create a performance management approach that supports both employees and managers.

You just have to know what training to choose.

Here are seven courses for you to consider.

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LinkedIn Learning

Best learn-as-you-go, step-by-step training for individuals and groups

LinkedIn dives into many different performance training topics. The course breaks down each topic into clear sections with simple quizzes. These help you assess your learning as you go along.

There are many topics within the performance management category. Just a few include:

  • Improving Employee Performance
  • Setting Goals and Managing Performance
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Employee Engagement
  • Conducting Performance Reviews
  • …and more

To start with performance management training, try Foundations of Performance Management. This course focuses on helping managers master the art of performance management.

With so many bite-sized trainings, LinkedIn Learning is a great option if you want to learn a little as you go. Their simple format and digestible content make LinkedIn Learning an option for groups.

Are you or your organization paying for LinkedIn Premium? If so, you get access to these courses for free! Otherwise, you can pay for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Learn more about the performance management courses on LinkedIn Learning here.


Best for individual instruction

Udemy offers thousands of courses, practice exercises, and content from top instructors. They cover a wide range of topics, including performance management.

  • Goal Setting For New Managers
  • Understanding Performance Management as an HR Professional
  • Certified Performance Management Professional (CPMP)
  • Key Performance Indicators A-Z
  • Essentials of Feedback and Performance Management
  • …and More

If you’re new to high-performance management, check out Performance Management For Managers.

The course breaks down into sections, each of which contains several lectures, so you can easily fit them into your schedule. Udemy's courses are great for managers who want to expand their performance management knowledge. You can buy each course can individually, so you only have to pay for the courses you need.

They're also great for organizations that want to focus on professional development. The courses are flexible and people can do them independently. 

Learn more about Udemy's performance management-themed courses here.


A best scalable, all-in-one training

Hone is an all-in-one, online performance management training for managers. 

Hone's Live Performance Management Training uses schedules to keep you on track throughout the four weeks of training. It helps you measure performance continuously, and measure performance fairly.

The Hone training includes live online classes from expert facilitators. It uses analytics to highlight your growth with a pre- and post-assessment. You can also measure individual and team progress across specific topics. These topics cover everything from active listening to coaching participation.

It's also scalable, and has content tailoring options. Hone even offers access to a customer success team to help you can create a training experience for one manager or a global team.

They also boast 90% lasting behavior change. This is significantly higher than the training industry average.

To learn more about Hone’s Live Performance Management Training, click here.

Using performance management software can make reviews easier for your managers.Learn More


Best for quick training on the basics

This is a good option if you or one of your managers is brand-new to performance management.

Clocking in at just 30 minutes, it's a quick way to get the basics of performance management. You'll learn how to prepare for reviews, conduct reviews, and follow up on reviews. You can also tailor the training to your branding and company policy.

To learn more about Emtrain's Performance Management Training, click here.


Best for workbook-style, manager-facilitator-led training

A lot of training courses today only offer online materials. The HRDQ Performance Management Training courses include physical workbooks. They also function best when led by a facilitator within your organization. This gives you complete control over exactly how the training process unfolds. You’ll also have opportunities for your team to meet and learn in person.

Materials include a virtual “train the trainer.” The facilitator on your team running the training is fully informed before the training begins.

Several performance management training topics are available. These include Performance Management Through 5 Key Conversations and Remarkable Performance Development. The latter is a comprehensive training tool. It helps managers enhance their existing performance management process.

The HRDQ training focus on helping you make changes within the confines of your existing system. It is not the best option for those who are building a performance management system from scratch.

To learn more about the HRDQ Performance Management Training courses, click here.

Zoe Talent Solutions

Best course for both live online and in-person classroom schedules

Zoe Talent Solutions offer a traditional university-style experience. Managers learn in a classroom setting.

Live online schedules are at least a few days long, with some topping out at 10 days. The training includes lectures, presentations and group discussions. It also features assignments and functional exercises like a traditional classroom-style course.

Other options on this list are for individuals and existing teams. Zoe Talent Solutions offers a more collaborative learning environment. Managers and other team members have the opportunity to learn with others outside their organization.

Zoe Talent Solutions is unique in that it also offers in-person classroom schedules. If you're willing to travel, members of your team can learn directly from experts, which can be a very powerful experience.

You can try the Effective Performance Management Training Course first. Another option is the Leading High-Performance Teams Course.

To learn more about performance management training for managers from Zoe Talent Solutions, click here.

Performance Solutions Group

Option for traditional, expert-led training

Decades ago, receiving training meant inviting an expert to your location. They would run a course for you and your team. Traditional performance management training examples like that are a great choice if you want to leave the training to an expert.

Performance Solutions Group (PSG) offers an expert-led performance management training course. It covers the development of important skills, using performance management tools, and more. It is highly participative. The course features group discussions, breakout sessions, individual exercises, and role-play activities.

This training is for teams within your organization who need training from an expert. PSG also offers coaching services for individuals, as well as teams.

To learn more about the Performance Management Training from PSG, click here.

Using performance management software can make reviews easier for your managers.Learn More

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