PerformYard + UKG

The integration with UKG makes it easy to add and remove employees from PerformYard and keep their data up-to-date. With one click you can add new hires and deactivate terminated employees. We'll also automatically pull in pertinent employee information to get the most from the data you already have in UKG!

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How It Works

  • The PerformYard Connector for UKG integrates with UKG Pro
  • Changes to an employee's manager in UKG can be reflected in PerformYard
  • New or terminated employees in UKG can be added or removed from PerformYard
  • Changes to employee data in UKG will be reflected in PerformYard

What Data Syncs?

You can sync nearly all employee data fields from UKG to PerformYard. This allows you to maintain UKG as a single employee system of record and those changes will be reflected in PerformYard. (This image is just a sampling of the many data fields PerformYard can sync).