Setting Up PerformYard is Easy—Here’s Why

When looking into performance management software, many people feel overwhelmed by the thought of implementation. 

How do you translate your process into a system? How do you set everything up so that it’s intuitive to use? And what about training employees? 

There’s a lot to consider. And because performance management touches every person in your organization, the stakes are high. How can you ensure a successful implementation process? 

We asked PerformYard’s Director of Customer Success, Lauren Staley, what her team does to help our customers get onboarded smoothly and efficiently. 


PerformYard is simple to set up, so you can do it on your own if that’s your style, but you won’t ever be left without support. Every new customer gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager who’s an expert on our software. They strategize with each customer to figure out how their individual process can be set up in PerformYard.

“We want our customers to feel empowered to use the software for their unique needs,” said Lauren. 

The first step of the implementation process is a kickoff meeting where your Customer Success Manager. In the kickoff meeting, your Customer Success Manager will ask questions to get a detailed understanding of your current process. Our Customer Success Team sees a wide variety of approaches, ranging from simple annual reviews to complex strategies with check-ins goals and continuous feedback.

Your Customer Success Manager can then collaborate with you to create the roadmap to launch PerformYard and invite all your employees to the platform. This can include everything from reviewing relevant functionality to scheduling training.

The primary steps to getting PerformYard launched are building your forms, configuring your cycles and adding employees to the system. 

Training for the Entire Organization

Once you’ve nailed down your process in PerformYard, your Customer Success Manager will discuss a training plan with you.

Training at PerformYard isn’t a one size fits all approach—we do what’s best for your unique organization and situation. Your training plan will be catered to the priorities of your performance management process. We’ll also consider if any elements of your process are specific to different teams, roles, or even regions to determine how the training should be presented.

Your training plan will then be catered to the priorities of your performance management process. We’ll also consider if there are any elements of your process that are specific to different teams, roles, or even regions to determine how the training should be presented.

Our Customer Success Managers often host live training sessions for entire organizations. These trainings are recorded in order to train new hires who join an organization after PerformYard has been adopted. That way every employee has a training resource that’s not only about PerformYard but about how your organization uses PerformYard. In addition to video training, we also have a robust support site, handouts on specific features, and other training resources for our customers. 

Ongoing Support at No Additional Cost

Even after customers have fully implemented the software, PerformYard offers ongoing support at no additional cost.

Your Customer Success Managers will stay with you and is committed to the success of your process. If you’re collecting feedback from employees, we can collaborate on improvements to make your process even better before the next cycle.

Lauren shared that “all our customers are working on meaningful projects and often there is a lot riding on a successful implementation. I love giving them the confidence that comes with having a partner who has been there before.”

If you decide to roll out additional features or make changes to your performance management process down the road, we’ll continue to be there to help you get the most out of PerformYard. 

We’re also here for quick questions or when challenges arise. You won’t need to worry about logging cases or chatting with a bot, support at PerformYard means working with a Customer Success Manager who knows you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

As you can see, we believe in excellent support and make implementation go off without a hitch. But don’t just take our word for it . . . Here's what our customers are saying.

“The hands-on direction, support, and lift received from our Customer Success Manager was beyond any experience I've had with vendors. He was a collaborative teammate from point of contact to roll-out and constantly went above and beyond to ensure I met the milestones set for implementation and had the answers I needed for last minute changes.” 

"I can't say enough great things about our Customer Success Manager. We had a complex review process and she enthusiastically helped with any questions we had. Not only is PerformYard a great product (especially because of the customization aspect), but it's the incredible customer support that made PerformYard stand out for us." 

“Our Customer Success Manager really strives to know us as a company and provide a tool that allows us to develop our employees. PerformYard has become a great tool for our organization and I truly view our Customer Success Manager as a crucial partner." 

“Our Customer Success Manager was fantastic and made it so that the implementation of PerformYard was seamless. She took the time to meet with us to ensure we understood everything, would go more in depth if we had any questions, etc. I appreciated the help through the set up of PerformYard, as well as the resources they have on their website that provide step by step instructions.”

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